Ltd. “Supta Tskali” (“Clean Water”) was established in 2006. company reached leader position at Georgian market.

“Supta Tskali” Company produces pure, fresh, drinking water of the best taste – “BINULI”, which is presently poured in  19 L capacity bottles.

As an experienced company, we appreciate honesty, team working, creative thinking and professionalism. Company permanently cares about its customers and partners.

Our mission is to give the best quality and healthy drinking water “Binuli” to population, also to promote people’s healthiness and wellbeing.

For the company “Supta Tskali” quality means more…

Drinking Water Binuli

The Company “Supta Tskali” obtains drinking water “Binuli” in the area of the village Natakhtari. This area is the collector of ground waters flowing from 4-5 thousand meters high Caucasian mountains, so it’s rich with natural artesian waters. The water is obtained from 100 m depth. (The water is pumped from 100m deep aquifer well) for the purpose of prevention of risk of mixing of surface ground waters with the drinking water, the well is covered with concrete up to the depth of 60 m

“Binuli” is obtained and poured (bottled using the latest technologies up to date with European standard requirements: the newest, best quality multistep filters are installed to prevent the contamination of the water by the undesirable bacteria to guarantee the highest quality water available) with the implementation of the sophisticated technology conforming to European

standards: the newest, best model filters are installed in the factory, and multi-step means are used for prevention of undesirable bacteria from getting into the drinking water. Foresee that before pouring, pipes are dry-cleaned. Highly qualified personnel is engaged in “Binuli” drinking water production and distribution, most of whom got re-training in experienced European and Asian organizations. The strictest sanitary norms are observed in the factory, which ensures the best quality of “Binuli”.

Our Product

So far “binuli” is being poured in 19 L bottles.

Product Quality

Company “Supta Tskali” provides systematic inspection of the water quality.

ISO 22000:2005

ISO 22000:2005

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2008