We and Water


Water is one of the most essential elements for a human organism to function normally.  If you drink enough water during the day you will be healthy, your skin will be beautiful, and also you will avoid many harmful diseases

  • Don’t drink water before and after physical activity;
  • Drink water in the morning, because water takes a significant part in digestion;
  • Drink water after eating bitter, Salty, spicy, greasy or dry food;
  • If you have Stomach – intestine drink warm water in winter and in summer, before eating;
  • Drink water in the morning it will Increase energy, and in the evening it will regulate nervous system;
  • In the airplane where air is dry like in the desert, you must drink one glass of water in every half an hour;
  • Drink 1-2 glass of water before leaving home;
  • Drink water in the cold weather, because body burns more energy in winter;
  • Drink water if you have a high temperature;
  • Usually a large amount of liquid is needed for breastfeeding mothers;
  • Caffeine and alcohol causes hydration, so drink water after cup of coffee;

Binuli For Children

Water for children is nutrient substance, which doesn’t contains additional harmful elements and it is essential for body’s normal functioning

Colloid Chemistry and Water Chemistry, Ukrainian National Academy of researchers, scientific studies have shown that water in plastic bottles is harmful for the child’s body. This kind of water is not good for Children who have allergic reaction and gastro-intestinal problems. For this situation we offer them unique and safe polycarbonate vessel.

Dehydration is very dangerous for children. Child’s body contains more water than adults, so about hydration kids are more sensible. To avoid this situation it is essential to give child healthy and quality water, which is reach with natural admixtures and contains unique chemical composition.


The demand for 1L water in 1-3 years age group approximately equals 80-100 ml liters.

The reason children’s water intake is often insufficient is because they don’t always think about drinking, even when they are thirsty, so it is important to remind them that they should drink to hydrate their little bodies throughout the day. To function properly, your child’s body has to recover the water lost during the day (through urine, sweat, breathing, and feces), by consuming food and drinks containing water.

Furthermore, children’s water needs are proportionately higher than those of adults because their surface-to-mass ratio is relatively greater than those of adults. As a result, they lose more water through their skin.

The daily amount of water that your child’s body needs must be equal to the amount of water lost during the day. It is important to remind children to drink water frequently, Note: Water should be room temperature.

After drinking healthy water each family member can be a healthy, cheerful and beautiful. In this case our natural, quality, and tasteful water “binuli” will help you.

Binuli and Ecology

Protection environment means, caring about nature and living organism, and it is very important to minimize damagecausedbyhuman.

Polyethylene bottle is enemy of nature, because you can’t use is twice and it pollutes environment.This not only pollutes the environment, but throwing out them in the rivers and lakes poses a threat to living organisms. One if the main principle of “binuli” is caring about environment, because we all have social responsibility.

Despite of other organization we focus on ecologically clean environment, so “binuli” is the only one in Georgia, which carries out renewal of water bottles in accordance with European standards, after using them 8-10 times. It is possible due to the only polycarbonate bottle forming equipment in the Caucasus, purchased by the Company and implemented in the production.


Caring about environment, means caring about population!

Water Feature

Water is one of the four elements (earth, fire, air) constituting our Universe. Almost 2/3 of our planet is occupied by water. As for the volume of water in human organism: in adults it exceeds 60%, and in adolescents – 70%.
That’s why a human can live without water only a few days, at the same time as without food – up to 40 days. Water is the necessary condition for life, without water life is impossible in the world.

Water is one of the most important constituents of the human body and helps with the following functions:

  • Keeping your body at the right temperature;
  • Removing waste products from the body;
  • Transporting nutrients to cells. Water is major component of blood;
  • Makes the skin more elastic and beautiful;

Certainly not all living organisms require equal quantity of water and lack of water doesn’t disturb various organisms equally as well. Usually 2 liters of water is enough for a human during a day.

After drinking sufficient quantity of the best quality water, person’s mood improves for better, feels joyful. Drinking delicious and healthy water “Binuli” gives us this ability; it contains all chemical elements which are necessary for living organism.