We offer

Condition of service

For the purpose of efficient supply of “Binuli” water, “Supta Tskali” Company offers:

  • Delivery of the water to the place(home, organization) in 19 L bottles in 24 hours from the moment of order;
  • Delivery of water in (to) any location in Georgia, if required;
  • Provision with 19 l bottles of the highest quality (polycarbonate) multi useable and  polyethylene (Terephthalat) for one use vessel

The Company is the only one in Georgia, which carries out renewal of water bottles in accordance with European standards, after using them 5-6 times. It is possible due to the only polycarbonate bottle forming equipment in the Caucasus, purchased by the Company and implemented in the production. Company offers free dispenser (stationary device for pouring water into glasses) during the whole period of service. At present the Company supplies the customers the latest imported dispensers for the office as well as for home use. The company provides full maintenance of the installed dispensers, ensures their timely repair or replacement if required.


The pleasure of drinking pure, testy water in present situation implies the usage of the relevant device – dispenser. It ensures achievement and maintenance of the required temperature disregarding external conditions, excludes the contact of drinking water with the possible sources of contamination. Majority of dispensers have two modes (which means you can have cold and hot water at the same time) i.e. thanks to them, you will have cold and hot water at the same time.

Company “Binuli” also offers the customers Special dispensers. The dispensers are equipped with hot and normal temperature. This kind of dispensers is important for families with children and nursery.

Instruction of using Dispenser

  • Locate your bottled water dispenser 20-25 cm away from the wall on, a flat surface;
  • Take care of cleanliness of the surrounding area;
  • Electrical outlets must be as near as possible to prevent wire tension;
  • Place them in an area away from the sun;s rays and overly hot places;
  • Unplug water coolers when the bottle becomes empty;
  • While changing the bottle don’t leave the tank open, replacement of the bottle should be done immediately;
  • It’s not recomended use the dispenser during 20 min. after changing bottle;
  • Clean water dispenser from the outside regulary;

Additional products and Accessories

We took into consideration desires of our old and potential customers, and according to that we offer different kind of coffee  and Tea . If you want to drink delicious coffee or tea, make them with “binuli” water.

Order coffee and tea with “binuli” water and our representatives will bring this order as soon as possible.